Why create a vision strategy?

    Big Sky, an unincorporated resort community founded in the early 1970’s, has evolved a number of entities and governmental units focused on various aspects of the community, but as yet none of these has over-arching authority for the community’s future. At its current level of roughly half built out, the community is approaching limits of key underlying infrastructure elements (water, sewer, affordable housing, electrical power, roads, etc.), and as such is facing the need for strategic investments. The need for a strategic vision as a means of prioritizing these investments is critical, particularly for BSRAD, a key funding source.

    What is BSRAD?

    The Big Sky Resort Area District (BSRAD) is the largest entity describing Big Sky, and exists in two counties, Gallatin and Madison.  Governmental units include the Big Sky Water & Sewer District, Big Sky School District, Big Sky Fire, Big Sky Transportation District, Big Sky Trails Recreation & Parks District, and BSRAD. Significant non-governmental organizations include the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce, Big Sky Community Organization, and Big Sky Owners Association. Major developers with an ongoing role in Big Sky include Boyne Resorts, Simkins Holdings/Town Center, Cross Harbor Capital Partners, and Lone Mountain Land Company.